All these pictures were taken on the same day in the same room. Don’t let anyone judge you for your shit.

  • You be beautiful and ugly and coy and scary
  • you open your mouth and your legs wide and
  • you do your make up for you and
  • you cry about things you can’t control and
  • you wait 40 minutes for the best burgers in town and you eat it by yourself and
  • you group sext with all your exes and
  • you do you.

Fuck everyone who says, “No! You can’t do that.” Because all those people are

  1. wrong.

wyoh asked:

Which demographic are you referencing by « dudes »?

People thinking they’re worth my time, thinking I value their opinion without knowing anything about them, thinking a woman (or anyone) owes them something because of their personal choices, and who are seemingly incapable of treating other people with respect, especially on the internet. These are the people I am referencing by DUDES. Not my fault they’re usually men. ಥ_ಥ