Faye Daniels

[Faye Daniels and I shot on Saturday and we thought it was a complete failure. We tried shooting in nature and didn’t like anything we were doing. We went home and had hot dogs and then went out to try again. We tried new things! When we looked though the pictures afterward we were dying laughing because some were just so bad. But turned out I liked more than I thought I would. I love hanging out and working with Faye.❤️]



Happy Birthday, Katie! Here’s a little glimpse into your 24th century.

May your thirties be even more amazing than your twenties and may you give as little fucks as possible.

Hope to hang out sometime soon.


this is still the greatest birthday present of all time.

I love my naked body like few other things in the world. It is mine, to do with as I please. It carries me through this life and has allowed me many things I didn’t expect. It changes and morphs into new versions of itself and I love all of them. I decorate her with tattoos and take her out dancing. I could never be ashamed or embarrassed of her…I’m not exposed or exploited when I am naked. That would be applying someone else’s expectations onto my body…When I am naked I am not brave or vulnerable or there for you. When I am naked, I am divine.


Spent the last 3 days shooting my beautiful friend Katie West for an unannounced project, assisting Mary Taylor on her [celebrity name redacted] shoot today, shooting two more collaborations with Michael Rosner next week followed by headshots with Fryda Wolff and a promo shoot with Derek Mears and his action-comedy improv group, The Resistance.

Looks like I’m most definitely back in the photography saddle again, at least for the next couple of weeks!