66seven asked:

Do you ever worry having such an online presence will affect your being a teacher?

(I just answered this somewhere else, so I’ll just copy and paste.)

I teach at a college and the majority of people I teach are older than I am, often much older. So it’s more likely that a student will know who I am. However, that hasn’t happened and I’ve taught over 400 students so far. (Apparently I’m the weird one in how I google everyone I meet.)
Also, it might embarrass people to confront me about it. I’ve had people approach me in the past and be all secretive about telling me that they know what I do, that they found me online, and I’m like, “Yeah? That’s cool.” And when they realized that it’s no secret, they get over it.
It also happens that I’m kind of an awesome teacher, so I think even if a student knew about my web presence, they might not care.
And my boss knows allllll about my online presence. She knew about it before she hired me.

Oh, but in terms of it affecting my teaching, um. No. I am the most organized, efficient, hard-working, caring, well-praised motherfucking teacher on the block. Me being naked on the internet doesn’t change that. BOSS.

[EDIT: My brother just messaged me and said that someone he follows on Twitter keeps reblogging my posts so he keeps reading them. And he thinks this post in particular would’ve been better if it had ended with BOSS. So the post has been amended for my brother’s benefit. Thank you.]

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