A love letter (based entirely on how much I want to fuck you)


From what I can tell, you don’t necessarily like women, or maybe you just really like cock, and don’t really venture any other way. Maybe it’s just never really come up. Maybe you’ve never had the opportunity. I don’t know. But I’m here to make a case for you trying it out with a woman. ‘It’ being hot, sweaty, intense, amazing sex, the ‘woman’ being me.

I do not have a beautiful cock, but I certainly have an appreciation of beautiful things, like you do. And this might be weird, but it’s the way of the internet, so I think you’ll understand, being a woman of the internet, but I’ve been reading about the men in your life, and I’ve been reading about the way you please them, and the way they leave you, wanting, or needing, or alone. Well, fuck that, I want to please you. It might be a challenge, since I lack something so fundamental to your sexual experience, but I like a challenge.

You seem to like that emotional connection that most of your relationships are mostly lacking. You seem to enjoy the small moments, the tenderness that you rarely allow yourself. It seems to me that what you crave is a softness that balances out that voracious, sexy animal in your gut. I get that.

Let me tell you about how I want to make you feel, and about how I feel.

I will listen when you talk, and remember your favourite song of the moment, and how you take your coffee, even if we’re only together for a night. I will be gentle and slow and you will laugh and have fun as we talk about girly shit and cocks. I’ll let the tension build in a way you’ve probably never felt before because you and me? We can go into the bathroom together and right before we leave I can take your hand, and let you feel just what you’re doing to me. This can start before we even leave the bar. And no one else will notice. I will brush the hair out of your eyes and you will remember romantic comedies you’ve seen where that exact thing happened, except it was with a man and a woman and you had always wanted it to be that way, but here it would be happening with another woman and you’d realize it still feels the way you had always imagined it would. And that will be when you realize there is a heat between your thighs. And it is right after that, that you will notice my lips.

I will talk to you and you will hear all the things you have been waiting to hear, and they will be genuine. And those words will come out of my lips, off my tongue. And then, well, you can’t stop looking at my lips, and that will be my cue to get you out of that bar, into a cab, across town, and into my apartment.

And this is when you will start to understand soft. I am a woman, like you, and our skin is soft, our hair is soft, our bellies are soft, our lips are soft. Our tongues and fingers are soft, and pushy. You might blush, you might be nervous, but I’ll kiss you and you’ll forget. And it will be an epic kiss, the kind that starts painfully slow and the sound of our hearts is like a sound cannon on repeat, and the first touch is salty and sweet: your nerves and your strawberry lipgloss. And I will breathe your name into your mouth and you will inhale my want and I will talk dirty to you like the very best of other men. I will tell you what a fucking beautiful woman you are and also how bad I want to taste you.

So let me fuck you. Let me make you come over and over again. And sure, you might still want cock, so do I, but not that night. Not tonight.

Tonight you want to fuck a woman. You want to fuck me.



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