underatoadsstool asked:

I'm curious about something I've noticed recently in your pictures. Over the years you have been wide open about yourself. You tell your innermost feelings about everything from politics to religion to sexuality. You take great self portraits and in most of them you are nude. What I'm curious about is there are several pictures where you deliberately covered your crotch from view. Is there any specific reason you do that? I'm only curious because it seems counter to what you normally stand for.

I’m imagining this dude scrolling through my entire Tumblr archive looking for CROTCH PICTURES. And then thinking he’s stumbled across some hole in the fabric of my online personality as a FEMINIST because a REAL FEMINIST would show her CROTCH. DUH.

  1. sassyandfat said: is that the head of a penis…..
  2. ayamikhan said: He can’t be a real Katie West fan, or he’d have included a prayer of obeisance to the crotch monkey.
  3. mortalcompass said: What a tool.
  4. 1eterel said: he’s clearly an expert in crotch theory, i imagine he has many charts and graphs as well as essays upon essays judging women on the visibility of their crotches in various situations
  5. kateordie said: This guy is literally a dickhead
  6. pasithee said: oh my god i love you
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